Funko Pops

We are big fans of Funko Pops. In case you don’t know they are the very collectible 4″ vinyl figures with the small bodies and big heads with large black circular eyes. You have probably seen them at various stores with versions of many of your favorite character. I love that I can have a shelf with characters from every studio and line imaginable in the same style.

A while back we began to collect Funko Pops of Disney characters that were/are exclusive the the parks.

Imagine Ears Funko Pops Disney Park Exclusives

I did not want to make some custom Pops that Disney would turn around and make in a few years (because they are making virtually everything imaginable).  I am also a huge Disney history buff and aficionado.  So I thought it would be fun to make Pops of some of the extinct Disney attractions and lesser known characters.

Imagine Ears Disney Epcot Wonders of Life Cranium Command Buzzy Funko Pop  Post 1:  Buzzy from Cranium Command

Imagine Ears Custom Funko Pop Epcot Dreamfinder Figment Journey Into Imagination  Post 2: Dreamfinder from Journey Into Imagination

Imagine Ears custom Disney Parks Funko Pop - Sam the Eagle from America Sings Post 3: Sam the Eagle from America Sings

Imagine Ears Disney Epcot Horizons Robot Butler custom Funko Pop Post 4: Robot Butler from EPCOT’s Horizons

Imagine Ears custom disney parks Funko pop broccoli kitchen kabaret EPCOT's land Post 5:  Mr. Broccoli from EPCOT’s the Land Kitchen Kabaret

Imagine Ears Custom Disney Park Funko Pop – the Phoenician from EPCOT's Spaceship Earth Post 6: The Phoenician from EPCOT’s Spaceship Earth