A Whole Bunch of Custom Disney Park Funko Pops

I have fallen behind in my posting and have just been posting on instagram for a while.  I thought I would post the last 5 in our series of Custom made Funko Pops based on characters from the Disney Parks.


Custom disney park funko pops sillof disneyland retro 50's spaceman tomorrowland

Here is the walk around spaceman from Tomorrowland in Disneyland’s early days. I added a reference photo from davelandweb.com. I have always loved these old photos of the retro spaceman.


Custom disney park funko pops sillof star tours captain rex R-3X RX-24

Here is R-3X, or Rex, the original pilot of the Starspeeder 3000 from Star Tours. It was one of was one of favorite rides for years.  I was there the summer they opened it and I was on “The Last Flight to Endor” event when they closed it to refurb it.


Custom disney park funko pops sillof walt and mickey mouse partners statue

Hopefully some day soon I will see this statue in person again when the parks reopen. Until then this custom Funko Pop will have to do. It was the first custom pop I ever made. It is the statue known as the Partners statue showing Walt and Mickey. It is so iconic and meaningful to me, my family, and so many others around the world


Custom disney park funko pops sillof mystic manor alfred henry mystic

Here is Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey Albert from Mystic Manor from Hong Kong Disneyland. I have never had the experience of riding the ride but I love the look of the imagineering, the Society of Explorers and Adventurers back story and have watched many tide through videos. I is definitely a dream bucket list.


Custom disney park funko pops sillof haunted mansion hatbox ghost

Technically they already made the hatbox ghost but it was an exclusive, we don’t live near the parks and I can’t justify the secondary market price of $300. So I made my own. He is a lot of custom sculpting. One of my favorites so far and from my favorite ride. Checkout our main feed to see the 70+ custom mansion replica pieces we make for our annual Halloween party.


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Until next time…


The Imagine Ears features the DIY projects, adventures, and thoughts of a father and daughter who use a shared love of all things Disney to create memories together through encouraging her interests in architecture, design, Imagineering, while exploring history and science.


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