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Custom Disney Park Funko Pop – the 3 Headed Troll from EPCOT’s Norway Maelstrom

Here is our next Forgotten Disney Park Funko Pop. He is without a doubt the most complicated pop I have made.

In the spot where Elsa blasts your boat back on the Frozen boat ride stood a 3 headed troll animatronic under an impressive lighting effect in the ceiling. The lighting makes him look yellow but most of the reference and merchandise made by Disney shows them to be light green in skin color.

I started by gluing 3 heads together. Then bulked our the frame and sculpted the body and then the beards and hair (Included progress pics).

The end pop is massive and quite an engineering marvel that he stands perfectly given his size and anatomy.


Imagine Ears custom Disney Park funko pops Epcot Norway Maelstrom 3 Headed Troll


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