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Custom Disney Park Funko Pop – the Serpent from EPCOT’s World of Motion

d-test trackLong before there was a Test Track when the EPCOT Center did not really have thrill rides and Disney intellectual property tie in it was about giving you appreciation of the past and an optimism about the future.  In the location where Test Track stands today used to stand an omnimover attraction that showed the history of transportation called World of Motion sponsored by General Motors.

d-world of motion

You can still see the basic shape of the Test Track building in the round wheel like building that the track now wraps around.  As a child I liked this ride a lot.  It was no Horizons but I thought it was fun with it’s cheezy jokes that reminded me of Pirates of the Caribbean.  I think the real reason I thought it was cool was that my father worked for General Motors so it felt cooler, as if he had something to do with it.  Of course, he did not he worked on the factory floor in the midwest.

The ride had many jokes about the various advancements in transportation like the famous first traffic jam scene or the prototype wheel shapes.  But none of them really seemed to lend themselves to a Funko Pop.  So I went with very iconic winking Sea Serpent.

d-sea serpent

I found a large gold dragon Funko Pop from I believe Dragon Ball Z.  I removed the base, his mustache, horns, and arms.  The figure got a lot of sculpting and reworking.  I sculpted a lot of new scales, his horn, his entire head, and tongue.  It was a challenge to work the the limitations of the figure and trying to blend it with the look of the Disney serpent while capturing the likeness of him in the exaggerated and enlarged Funko style.  I was not going to paint his pupil in but in the end I decided that it help sell the idea that he was looking sideways.

Imagine Ears custom Disney Park funko pops Epcot World of Motion Sea Serpent

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